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Return and exchange

?Terms of return or exchange

The product must be returned in the same condition in which it was received

With its original packaging in its packaging without any damage

If the item is perfumed or used, it cannot be returned or replaced

How long does it take to replace or return the product?

You can raise a request to return a product within a day of receiving it

And exchange within 3 days from the date you received

?How can I exchange/return the product

Log in to the site and login to your account

Then from the list of my requests, please click on your desired request

 Return and you will see a return arrow next to each product.

Select the products to be returned or exchanged,

fill in the data, and determine if your purpose is to return or exchange

Then you will be contacted via email

?How much does the return and exchange fee cost

 Returning products is 46 riyals and it is deducted from the value of the returned product, but when returning and replacing the product with another size or product, it costs a fee of 80 riyals

?In the return process, how can I refund the amount I paid

After receiving the products and making sure of their safety, a refund request will be submitted to your card with which the purchase was made, and this takes 3-7 days

 Upon exchange or return, the shipping value will not be refunded

? In the exchange process, if there is an amount left, how can I pay it

When you want to replace a product and there is a difference, we send a link to you to pay the amount of the difference between the two products